Simple But Effective — Search Engine For HTTP Calls.

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In this article, we will use RxJS to build a feature-rich search bar that returns real-time results. If you’ve never used RxJS before, this will be a good introduction for you. You will see how the RxJS library can turn a fairly complex set of requirements into code that is manageable and easy to read and understand.

It’s quite common in a modern application that you’re going to have to build a search bar that allows users to search a part of your database, if not all of the database.

This is what we call a real-time search bar or…

Quick & easy guide to implementing a side nav drawer with a mini variant for your Angular application.

Angular Material allows you to add amazing, already working features into your projects, but sometimes not everything suits your needs. In this article I will walk you through how to create a side menu with a mini variant by building upon Angular Material’s sidenav.

For this variant you’re obviously going to need Angular Material installed into your project as we will be building on top of the Sidenav component.

First step, let’s add the mat-sidenav component with some basic navigation. …

(Like, super easy)

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In this article I will walk you through how to automate all of your Angular application’s errors taking a centralised, global approach, catching all of your applications errors and displaying the messages in a consistent and delightful way to your users. There is a bit of a set up involved, but if you get this done at the beginning of your project, you will not have to worry about it again.

Let’s jump right in.

Error Handler Class

Angular provides a hook for centralised exception handling, called ErrorHandler, as default it prints an error message to the console. …

Your BFF when dealing with multiple observable streams.

There is no doubt that RxJS is one of the hottest libraries in web development today. There isn’t a project I am a part of where RxJS hasn’t been used and with good reason. Especially with the use of integration points directed into a growing number of frameworks, libraries and utilities. It offers a powerful and functional approach for dealing with events. For me, having a solid grasp on RxJS and what it has to offer seems to be a no brainer.

Learning RxJS and reactive programming can be tricky, especially if you are new to web development. There are…

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